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Since January 2006, all of my students' scores improved from the PSAT / initial SAT to the current SAT with combined Reading / Math / Writing scaled score increases ranging from 40 to 570 points. 

PSAT / SAT Prep Book
Parents who wish to start SAT prep tutoring sessions for their child will need to purchase, if they haven't already, the book below from Amazon or Barnes Noble (Ala Moana), etc.

ACT Prep Book
Parents who wish to start ACT prep tutoring sessions for their child will need to purchase, if they haven't already, the book below from Amazon or Barnes Noble (Ala Moana), etc. 

Can college-bound sophomores, juniors and seniors really improve their SAT/ACT performance? 

Students who learn how to effectively recognize and eliminate obvious incorrect answer choices on the Reading, Writing, and Sentence Completion sections have a chance to improve their combined SAT score by 200-500+ scaled points.
SAT Critical Reading Problem:

It can be most reasonably inferred from the passage that 
(A) similar folk beliefs are based on identical logic and reasoning
(B) modern cephalopods will one day be believed to have been caused by lightning
(C) all modern cephalopods have bullet-shaped inner shells
(D) belemnites are considerably larger than ordinary pieces of gravel
(E) during extremely violent storms, stones can occasionally fall from the sky

In the above example: 
  • “identical” makes (A) too extreme.  
  • “will one day be believed” makes (B) too speculative.  
  • “all” makes (C) too extreme.  
  • “fall from the sky” makes (E) farfetched.  
Even if the test-taker is unsure of (D), elimination strategies have rendered the other choices invalid. 

During individualized SAT / ACT prep sessions, I use my 10+ years of teaching / test prep experience to:

1. Help students fill Sentence Completion holes by purging erroneous choices through a systematic process of deduction.

2. Help students distinguish from among the 6 or 7 recurrent types of Reading questions, and quickly identify key words that expose well-disguised inaccurate answer choices (see 'Sample SAT Reading Question' above).

3. Help students pick numbers (Math questions with variables) and work backwards (great for multiple-choice tests) to decipher questions that would ordinarily require long forgotten algebraic formulae.

Though it is advantageous to have taken Algebra II and writing/reading-intensive secondary Language Arts and Social Studies classes, the SAT/ACT is more about commitment, hyper-focusing, and, well, how good you are at taking the SAT/ACT. In other words, the SAT/ACT is 50% what you’ve learned (over the past 10 years), and 50% what you’ve practiced (over the past 10 weeks)!

SAT / ACT Scaled Score General Admission Ranges for Popular College Destinations for Hawaii  Graduates
• SAT Reading 480 - 600
• SAT Math 490 - 620
• SAT Writing 480 - 600
• ACT Composite 21 - 27
Arizona State
• Reading 480 - 610
• Math 490 - 630
• ACT Composite 21 - 27
Claremont McKenna 
• SAT Reading 650 - 750
• SAT Math 660 - 760
• SAT Writing 660 - 740
• ACT Composite 29 - 32
• SAT Reading 530 - 630
• SAT Math 540 - 660
• SAT Writing 520 - 630
• ACT Composite 24 - 29
• SAT Reading 540 - 640
• SAT Math 550 - 650
Harvard (East Coast) 
• SAT Reading 700 - 800
• SAT Math 710 - 790
• SAT Writing 710 - 800
• ACT Composite 32 -35
Harvey Mudd
• SAT Reading 680 - 770
• SAT Math 740 - 800
• SAT Writing 680 - 760
• ACT Composite 33 - 35
• SAT Reading 480 - 580
• SAT Math 500 - 600
• SAT Writing 470 - 560
• ACT Composite 21 - 26
Oregon State
• SAT Reading 470 - 600
• SAT Math 490 - 620
• ACT Composite 21 - 27
Pacific, Univ. of (Stockton, CA)
• SAT Reading 520 - 650
• SAT Math 550 - 690
• SAT Writing 520 - 650
• ACT Composite 23 - 29
​Pacific (Oregon)
• SAT Reading 500 - 600
• SAT Math 500 - 620
• ACT Composite 21 - 26
• SAT Reading 550 - 660
• SAT Math 570 - 680
• SAT Writing 560 - 670
San Diego State
• SAT Reading 480 - 580
• SAT Math 500 - 610
• ACT Composite 21 - 26
Seattle Pacific 
• SAT Reading 500 - 620
• SAT Math 500 - 610
• SAT Writing 500 - 600
• ACT Composite 22 - 27
• SAT Reading 680 - 780
• SAT Math 700 - 790
• SAT Writing 700 - 780
• ACT Composite 31 - 34
• SAT Reading 600 - 720
• SAT Math 650 - 770
• SAT Writing 620 - 740
• ACT Composite 27 - 33
• SAT Reading 520 - 640
• SAT Math 570 - 690
• SAT Writing 530 - 660
• ACT Composite 23 - 30
UC–San Diego 
• SAT Reading 520 - 650
• SAT Math 590 - 710
• SAT Writing 550 - 670
• ACT Composite 23 - 30
• SAT Reading 560 - 690
• SAT Math 610 - 740
• SAT Writing 590 - 710
• ACT Composite 25 - 31
• SAT Reading 620 - 720
• SAT Math 650 - 760
• SAT Writing 640 - 740
• ACT Composite 29 - 33
• SAT Reading 510 - 650
• SAT Math 570 - 700
• SAT Writing 520 - 640
• ACT Composite 24 - 30
Washington State
• SAT Reading 460 - 570
• SAT Math 470 - 600
• SAT Writing 450 - 550
• ACT Composite 20 - 25


“Happy New Year! Just wanted to let you know that KC got a ___ on the math section of the SAT (hitting  her college target). Her writing score went up, but the other English section score went down a little. Thanks for all of your help!” – K. Mau

“R just received the results of the SAT exam she recently took and it wasn’t too bad for her first try. She had a total of ___. As expected, she did well in math with a 680, and actually scored higher in critical reading than writing. She’s planning to take the SAT again since most of the colleges use a “super score.” She’s also planning to take some subject specific SATs like math to strengthen her college application prospects. We appreciate all the work you did with her over the summer. It really did help with her reading and writing skills. (As you know, she doesn’t like to read so we’re glad she was able to score at least in the ___s for critical reading and writing).” – father of Punahou junior

“Brandon got in to the Engineering School (Mechanical Engineering). He's so happy!! Thank you for your assistance and wishing you a wonderful Christmas and even MORE wonderful (is that proper English?) New Year!!” – Donna Nakamura

“Chambri’s ACT scores went up (4 points) from ___ to ___. She has an interview set up at Columbia University, so she’ll be taking the ACT again to see if she can score even higher. Do you have any openings next Sat, earlier is better, for my nephew who is taking Trigonometry?” – Scott Swartz

“Hi, Kevin, my name is Diane. You tutored my daughter Hannah, helping her to prepare for her ACT exam, which she wrote on Dec 14th and I thought you might like to know her score, because she just got her score this weekend. Her composite score was ___ and she’s quite pleased with this. I just thought you’d like to know.” – Diane Stoddard

“Christina’s Reading and Writing (scaled) scores went up 110 points and 60 points (and her SAT Math was 620). I’m happy and surprised!” Later message: “Christina got in to the University of ___. We got the acceptance letter back so fast. It was so easy. Thank you so much!” – Sunny Hur

“I just want to say thanks so much for all the help you’ve done for Dean in helping him prepare for the SAT. He’s already accepted by one of the universities (on the West Coast)—well, there was one university where he really wanted to go. It’s good for media, business and technology and he already met with administration. I just wanted to share that with you. I just want to say thank you so much for everything. And I wish you a merry Christmas and, maybe, one day, we may need your help again. But, anyway, I hope everything is good with you. Take care and thank you again.” - Cynthia Young

“Just thought I’d let you know that Tem got his SAT results, and he got 680 in math. We think this is a pretty good score, considering he was very untutored before you took him on. We want to thank you very much for helping Tem to get better in math over such a short time. Thanks again for your expert teaching and your good cheer. You probably are already over-busy, but before we left Honolulu (we’re in Auckland now), I was recommending you to everyone!” - Anne Kennedy, University Instructor

“Hope all is well with you. We’re doing fine. My son just got his SAT scores back. He did good. He did great on Math, there was an improvement on Critical Reading and his Writing remained the same. All in all, his scores were great. I can’t thank you enough for helping him on his SATs. He now knows what he is capable of and this has given him confidence. He said he will work harder in college. Again, thanks for everything. We couldn’t have done it without you. Give all glory to God.” - Gwen S. (son was accepted to a Pac-12 university)

“His Writing was 600-something and his combined score was 2040 (for the October SAT). His G.P.A. is not the highest so I want him to take it again so he can get into one of the U.C. schools. He says he doesn’t want to take it again, and I don’t want to push him, but I think he should take it one more time. He took the ACT today so I might call you next week.” – M. Ito

“Kevin has worked with me on the SAT (all sections), SAT-2 math subject test and Calculus. My last combined SAT score was 2180. This helps because I’m trying to get a scholarship to USC.” - Graham Haas

“Isiah (an all-state shortstop on the MPI baseball team) got his ACT scores back. His composite score qualifies him for most D-1 colleges. We need to skip tomorrow night for the ILH playoffs but we’ll continue on Wednesday and Thursday to prepare for the SAT this Saturday.” – Kimberly K. (son has received collegiate scholarship offers and interest from MLB scouts for baseball)

“My son’s math score on the SAT was hampered due to a school block schedule which left him with math instruction for only three months per academic year. Kevin has taught my son how to address the SAT math problems through repetitive practice, deliberate and detailed explanation and specific test-taking techniques acquired through years of SAT experience.” - Gail Nowicki, Secondary Language Arts Teacher

“Kevin is an excellent math tutor, and has done a great job preparing the Hughes girls for the SAT. I would highly recommend him.” - Shelby Hughes (mother of four)

MATH Concepts on the SAT

1. Number and Operations

•  Basic properties of numbers and their terminology (e.g. negative numbers, prime numbers, factors, integers, sets, sequences)
•  Squares, square roots and exponents
•  Order of Operations
•  Fractions and decimals
•  Percents
•  Ratios and Proportions
•  Averages
•  Arithmetic Word Problems

2. Algebra and Functions

•  Simplifying algebraic expressions
•  Operations on Algebraic expressions (including factoring of quadratic equations)
•  Equations and inequalities involving roots, exponents and absolute values
•  Solving systems of equations and inequalities
•  Direct and inverse variation
•  Algebraic word problems
•  Functions (domain, range, translations of graphs, functions using special symbols)
•  Equations of lines (slope, intercept)

3. Geometry and Measurement

•  Properties of parallel and perpendicular lines
•  Coordinate Geometry (slopes, distance between points, midpoints of lines)
•  Triangles (area, angles, properties of equilateral, isosceles, right and special triangles, the congruency and similarity of triangles, Pythagorean theorem)
•  Quadrilaterals and other polygons (including area, interior and exterior angles, perimeters)
•  Circles (area, circumference)
•  Solid geometry (volume and surface area of solids)
•  Transformations (translations, rotations, reflections)

4. Data Analysis, Statistics, and Probability

•  Data interpretation (reading tables and line, bar and other graphs)
•  Descriptive statistics (mean, median, mode, weighted average)
•  Probability (of one event or two or more independent or dependent events)
•  Geometric Probability (probability that a random point chosen will fall within a particular geometric figure)
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